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Kinetacube Ring Box - Fifth Limited Edition: Colors

Sale price$429.00

Kinetacube Ring Box - Fifth Limited Edition: Colors
Kinetacube Ring Box - Fifth Limited Edition: Colors Sale price$429.00

Customer Reviews

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P. S.
Great customer service

Great product as advertised, with extremely responsive customer service, that promptly answered all my questions over the email. My only suggestion would be to add detailed video/instructions on how to open the box single-handed. I had to slow down the video and experiment on my own to get it right.
Here's how I ended up opening it. You want to present the box in the left hand. Place it closed on your palm, so that the part with exposed material is away from you on the bottom left. Then you want to press the very bottom right corner of the box towards you with your ring finger, and at the same time push the left side of the vertical wall closest to you with your thumb (push it to the right). You may want to use your middle finger to help fully open the box by pressing down on the walls that get exposed after initial opening.

Art meets Engineering!!!

The box design is absolutely amazing and the mechanics are flawless. If you are thinking about getting it. Stop thinking and do it, you won’t be disappointed!

Jonathan Hale

Perfect precision. Purchased to be an engagement ring box because it is unique. The team at degrees of freedom reached out immediately and multiple times to make sure every detail was perfect. Super pleased with this purchase. (Now to get a ring as cool as that box!)