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Life in Motion

Degrees of Freedom was founded in 2018 with the goal of developing consumer-facing products that intersect the fields of aerospace, art, and mathematics. Based in the Newlab startup accelerator at Michigan Central in Detroit, Michigan, we develop our designs from idle concepts to meticulously crafted Limited Edition runs available on our website. To bring people on our journey, we use social media, specifically Instagram, to share both the candid development process and refined fruits of our labor with the world.

Our company has three values: enjoyment, inspiration, and advancement. First and foremost, we want to bring customers enjoyment every time they interact with our creations. Second, as the origin of DoF was in our inclination to create, we want to communicate the joy of this process in the hope that others might follow in our footsteps. Lastly, we're indebted to the fields from which we draw inspiration and work to advance the state of the art so they can continue to inspire new art.

Brian Ignaut, the founder and product designer of Degrees of Freedom, has a background in aerospace engineering and spacecraft deployable structures. Without the ability to bring home or disclose his day to day work, he began designing presents for loved ones using the same aerospace principles. These gifts are the origins of most of our products.

Steve Howson, running sales and marketing, has a background in business and previously worked for Dyson. He has traveled to over 20 countries and has a passion for connecting deeply with customers using products that be believes in.

George Ketigian, our hardware magician, has a background in aerospace engineering and manufacturing. His approach to hardware production is one without compromises, and sets the bar for every piece that makes its way into the hands of our customers around the world.

For Brian, Steve, and George, Degrees of Freedom is aptly named. DoF gives us the freedom to apply our passions for product design, consumer engagement, and hardware refinement in a way that's free from the organizational constraints and pressures of traditional corporate work. We use these latitudes to make time for our growing families, our patient spouses, and all the other dimensions of life which our products hope to serve.

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