Kinetacube Ring Box - Second Limited Edition

by Degrees of Freedom


NOTE: Each Limited Edition Kinetacube Ring Box comes with an optional custom engraving! Please indicate your desired engraving (up to two lines of 18 characters) in the 'Special Instructions' at time of purchase. If you do not provide text for your engraving at purchase, your box will be shipped without engraving!

About this Limited Edition:

Our second Limited Edition (LE2) Kinetacube Ring Box features a matte-black anodized finish that complements its black silk insert. Its machined aluminum mechanism uses an updated joint design which results in the smoothest moving mechanism that we've offered to date.

Each box in this limited run of 20 pieces is laser-marked with its individual number, assembly date, design iteration, and design version. We've positioned these markings such that they aren't visible to the ring's recipient when the box is presented and are completely hidden when the box is closed. Customized engravings will be placed in the same location on an adjacent panel to ensure that your personalized message is the only text that the recipient may see when the ring is revealed. 

Piece numbers within the run will be issued to customers in the order of purchase.

About the Ring Box:


In the Kinetacube Ring Box's patented design, six faces of a cube are formed by the links of a mobius kaleidocycle mechanism. With each face mapped to an individual link, the entirety of the box transforms during the opening process, revealing its contents in one fluid motion. Its single degree of freedom movement results in motion which is fluid, satisfying, and will continue to mesmerize even years after introduction.


Inside of the ring box's machined aluminum mechanism, a velvet-wrapped foam insert is installed to carry the box's contents. While closing, the insert's segmented design is wrapped around the ring, holding it securely in place. When opened, the foam insert flattens while continuing to grip safely onto the ring.


To permit opening of the ring box's mechanism, its back has a curved opening which is covered by its velvet-wrapped insert while closed. The pointed ends of three curved panels act as feet which allow the box to sit on its end.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Awesome Ring Box!

The quality is everything I expected and more! Opens very smoothly and the fit and finish are top-notch! (I am a Mechanical Engineer and I can safely say this is WELL worth your money)

Been waiting for this for a whole year

I remember when I tried to purchase a kinetic box around fall-winter 2020, I was taking an exam, and 16 minutes had passed once the website had just opened for purchase, it was already gone. Devastated as I was, I am happier that I had the chance to buy it beginning of 2021 and I also got the opportunity to engrave. Even though it will be my partners box, I know that he loves engineering and he also loves planes so this was nothing but perfect for him.

Jeshua Cloud
Unbelievably good

Obviously this thing is not cheap so you’d expect it to be perfect… and the mechanical bits are absolutely 100% as perfect as you can imagine. Every edge lines up perfect and the mechanism is as smooth as butter. The finish doesn’t show fingerprints hardly at all and I’m truly impressed with the craftsmanship here.

The foam not as clean looking as the photos but still looks good