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Kinetacube Ring Box - Third Limited Edition

Sale price$899.00

Customer Reviews

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thoughtful production

buying the box was a very personal experience.
Brian noticed even the smallest details and double checked everything. the email communication was informal and pleasant to read.

also I appreciated the small touch, that the serial number of the box corresponds to the date I used for night sky personalization.

I hope, that my beloved will like the box and the ring (coming soon). =)

Jonathan George
Kinetic Ring Box

Hi Brian,
The ring box is absolutely amazing. It has a really cool design, the box opens and closes smoothly and the joins are seamless. The construction is solid and does not feel cheap in any way shape or form. It added a certain flair to the moment making it that much more special :)

Clayton Button
Fantastic Design

Brian, the Kinetic Ring Box is a really cool little device, and the anodized and laser etched aluminum finish (in the 3rd round) actually made a nice personal gift for a couple with roots in aerospace. And the very precise timestamp is great for meaningful moments. :)

John Williams
Kinetic Ring Box

Coolest ring box ever! Just need to get the ring so I can re-propose for our 31st

Precisely what I was hoping for!

The ring box definitely looks and feels as cool as it does in the videos. It's well machined with a great surface finish that never feels "cheap" in any way. I elected to not get any engraving on it and I did not opt for the star field finish just based on my own preference. The matte finish is still an outstanding option. The opening and closing is smooth and seamless. Well worth the wait and well worth the money.