Kinetic Desk Lamp - First Limited Edition - Number 6 of 9 in Solid Walnut

by Degrees of Freedom

Want to see how it works? For a video demonstration of the lamp's lighting, articulation, and folding behavior, please see the following Instagram post:

The origami-inspired Kinetic Desk Lamp uses cuts and creases between wood panels to create an articulated LED desk lamp which folds down to an average thickness of less than an inch. Each lamp is CNC-machined from two pieces of solid hardwood which are matched based on their color and grain. All machining, finishing, wiring, and final assembly is completed in Venice, California.

This solid walnut lamp is #6 of nine lamps made in the first run of Kinetic Desk Lamps. Each lamp is laser-marked with its unique build date, design iteration, model version, and piece number.

Lighting and controls: Four color temperature and five dimming settings are set with capacitive touch controls on the lamp's hardwood panels. Red LED lights indicate the on/off touch location and color temperature settings, while unmarked touch locations are used to control dimming as well as activation of a 30-minute sleep timer. Though the lamp ships with a temporary sticker indicating the location and layout of its simple touch controls, once the user is familiarized and the sticker is removed, the lamp's outer surface lacks any permanent icons, logos, or script. What remains is an extremely simple design whose form comes from functionality and whose decoration comes from the wood's natural patterning.

Articulation: When unfolded, the lamp's cantilevered arm can swing and tilt from side to side with a single degree of freedom, allowing the user to easily illuminate different areas as-needed without moving the lamp base. This movement takes minimal force and can be steered with a fingertip. The lamp is stable whether centered or fully-reached, and won't topple over. Proper operation of articulation assumes use on a flat, level, firm surface like a desk, table, or night stand.

Folding and unfolding: The lamp can transition from a flat-folded state to a deployed state with a single degree of freedom, allowing the user to store or transport the lamp with ease. Folding of the lamp can only occur when the cantilevered arm is centered and the lamp is lifted, preventing the lamp from accidentally flattening. Deployment and folding of the lamp can be performed with one hand thanks to its single degree of freedom motion. However, to prolong the lifetime of the lamp's joints, it's still recommended to handle the lamp carefully and with two hands.

Electronics: The Kinetic Desk Lamp is a low-voltage device and must be powered by a UL-listed 12V 1.5A power supply. Each lamp ships with a compliant power supply which accepts 100-240VAC 50/60Hz and outputs 12VDC 1.5A.