Solid White Oak Analog Iso Clock

by Degrees of Freedom

The solid quarter sawn white oak Iso Clock uses wood grain orientation to represent the isometric view of a cube in 2D space. Laser marked on the rear with the signature DoF bird. Uses a quartz movement made in the USA and powered by one AA battery.

The heft, smooth finish, and dramatic grain pattern of this clock is something to behold. The quarter sawn oak displays tight parallel grain crossed with curving bands from the tree's old growth and medullary rays. Its solid hardwood has a satisfyingly smooth finish treated with teak oil to bring out the grain's color and and then polished with a paste wax which includes beeswax, Brazilian carnauba wax, and orange oil.

Time is displayed with gently tapered brass minute and hour hands. Hour hand can be moved to set desired hour and minute hand is articulated with a small dial on the rear.


9.5-10" wide
11-11.5" tall
0.5" thick wood

Sits 0.25" off the wall
Knurled hand cap extends 0.5" off clock face
Hour hand sweep is 2.5"
Minute hand sweep is 3.375"

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